About Us

Hemp enthusiasts from Himalayas.


Hemp Association
of Nepal

The inception of the ‘Hemp Association Of Nepal‘ began 20 years back when we saw potential Nepal was having which it was not fully able to monetize on. With the tricky regulations, it was difficult to get the work done on the ground and a lot of resources were going wasted. There needed to be the right awareness in the community so they could come together to capitalize on this booming global opportunity. Therefore, HAO Nepal was established to deliver the needs by bridging challenges with opportunities by leading in the Policy-Making sphere by acting as a guardian to the Government.


Hemp is future !

To build a tech-enabled future industry integrating with a global value chain to deliver the multiple ecosystems that hemp has to offer which is inclusive, transparent and science-driven under a sustainable economic model that reconciles agriculture, industry and environment. 

OUR Mission

Everything is Hempossible !

Our mission is to steer sustainable development by establishing Nepal as a ground for a safe investment for multiple Hemp Industries to be built that can bridge the gap of the global need of Hemp products which can bring hope by providing the best alternative as we believe that everything is Hempossible.